"200, An Ultra film": Discover the ultra-trail of the Tour des Lacs d'Auvergne

Around the lakes of Auvergne in less than 40 hours? Yann Gobert has just demonstrated that it is possible! In particularly bad weather conditions for the end of September, ultra-trail fan Yann Gobert covered the 200 kilometers of the GR 30 in just 37 hours and 49 minutes. He has just released the video of his latest feat.

C 'is a real sporting challenge that Yann launched on the Tour des Lacs d'Auvergne, in this fall 2020. Between two confinements, the runner accompanied by his band of friends set off on the 200 kilometers of the legendary Massif trail Central. And it only took him 40 hours to overcome the more than 6 meters of vertical drop. A feat achieved despite the cold, humidity and snow that awaited him from 000 meters above sea level.

The opportunity to establish a new FKT

Since the 2000s, the American organization Fastest Known Time lists the best times of notable race segments around the world. Since the cancellations of series races due to the health crisis, FKT has experienced a real boom within the global trail community. This summer, the FKT of the GR5 between Chamonix and Briançon, of the GR 10 in the Pyrenees, of the 14 summits of the Bauges or the crossing of the Vosges were moreover pushed back by French trail runners. But there was no FKT yet for the Tour des Lacs d'Auvergne. Thanks to Yann Gobert, the challenge is launched. It will be necessary to do better than him to hope to be proud of this FKT.

“Since the pandemic, the concept [of FKT] has taken off again. The spirit of FKT is very much about the notion of adventure and usually involves long routes. For example, Scott Jurek had covered the Appalachian Trail in 46 days 8 hours and 7 minutes. I am quite proud to have been able to create the GR30 route and to have set a reference time. But now it's up to you to play and do better, or create your own course in your area. Let's take advantage of this unprecedented period to invent new ways of living our passions. "

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Winter conditions

Starting from Mont Doré on September 26, 2020 at 6 a.m., the runner set off at night and in a damp autumnal cold. Very quickly the snow is there, bringing with it its share of additional difficulties. Arrived at the top of Puy de Sancy after 2 hours and 12 minutes of racing, Yann is greeted by wind and snow. The horizon is blocked. No time to admire the scenery anyway. The runner goes down to his first pit stop at Picherande at the 29th kilometer.

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But quickly, his feet made him suffer and at the 74th kilometer, the third supply of Égliseneuve was the occasion for a break. After a difficult night of racing, the body is in pain and morale is low. Yet Yann will not give in. With drawn features and emaciated face, he keeps his lucidity. "I'll go on all fours if I have to" ... And it is again the rain and snow that will accompany him for the last kilometers. After 37 hours and 49 minutes, Yann finally completes his loop of 204 kilometers and 6 meters of elevation gain, meeting the lakes of Auvergne ...

Throughout his effort, the athlete was supported by his relatives. They provided supplies or ran a few kilometers with him. Proof that ultra is indeed a team sport.

"The ultra-trail has been and always will be a quest to discover territories, oneself and others…"

Discover Yann Gobert's recent video race from the inside