10 outdoor personalities create the association "A bottle in the sea"

We all remember Dom Daher's impressive shots. They were captured in a sorting center in Fréjus last January during the shock campaign “A bottle in the sea”. Outside magazine recently announced the results of this awareness campaign. On July 17, the athletes who took part in the shooting decided to continue their commitment to the preservation of nature. They then created the association A bottle in the sea.

Fin 2019, nine outdoor personalities answered the call of freeskier Mathieu Navillod. They all took part in a surprising photo shoot. Their common goal? Make as many people as possible aware of the consequences of pollution. The campaign A bottle in the sea was born. The trailer Kilian Jornet, the climber Liv Sansoz, the freeskier Mathieu Navillod… The freediver Stephane Tourreau, the cyclist Laurie Renoton, the paraglider Romain Raisson… The skier Jean-Fred Chapuis, the mountaineer Zebulon, the waterman Rico leroy, the trail runner Emilie Forsberg… They all met at the recycling center of the Sclavo Environnement Group in Fréjus. An extraordinary shooting, under the lens of Dom Daher, took place during the day.

“Nature is their playground, their passion, but also their daily working environment, since they all practice these disciplines at a high level. The problem is in front of them, all the time. They are the key witnesses. Every day a little more, they see their environment deteriorating. Aware that in a consumer society like ours, no one is white as snow and that they too have an impact, they still cannot bring themselves to watch the blue planet become a little grayer every second. "

The success was immediate

Impossible to forget the images of Kilian Jornet running on a mountain of tires, Stephane Tourreau regaining the surface covered with plastic waste, or Mathieu Navillod skiing down the slopes of a mountain of garbage. A deliberately trashy shoot in the hope of a massive awareness and above all of a passage to action.

“With this campaign which tries to provide solutions without making people feel guilty, we want to give them the keys to save our house. "

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An alarming finding

Interviewed by the media ninth-tenth, the athletes shared their approaches and their thoughts. The freediver Stephane Tourreau daily witnesses the degradation of the oceans, the accumulation of waste in the sea and "waves of plastics". For the waterman Rico leroy, the observation is the same. In the making-off video of the shooting, he shares his fears.

“340 days of the year, I am in the water. I see the place where I evolve changing. If we do nothing, it is in this environment that we will surf, run, ride in the years to come. "

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Carry out simple actions

Jean-Fred Chapuis notes that "people continue to throw their cigarette butts from the top of the chairlifts in winter". In summer, he fills a garbage bag while walking on the slopes. For him, “behaviors cannot change overnight, there will be inertia”, but he wants to believe in it and get involved. Romain Raisson is convinced by the importance of sorting and recycling waste. "You can't put dust under the carpet indefinitely out of laziness," he says. As for Emilie Forsberg which advocates a simple life as close as possible to nature, it can only make this fight for the preservation of nature its own.

“I think that all the good ideas, the smallest little gestures around ecology, sustainability are worth sharing. When we become aware of things, we pay more attention. Awareness is therefore a huge step. We can all do better, it must be seen in a positive way and not as a chore. "

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Find out more

Aware that outdoor sports are particularly polluting and energy intensive, athletes want to act so that their practice is part of a thoughtful approach, with the greatest possible respect for our resources. According to Liv Sansoz, the problem is systemic, "but to do nothing is to be complicit". Kilian Jornet looks back on the frenzy that took hold of the outdoors a few years ago, and on the need to question ourselves in order to reinvent the practice of these sports.

“A few years ago, we took helicopters for filming, we traveled the planet in all directions by plane. A real heresy, with hindsight. But we can redeem ourselves and now is the time to do it. The question is: how to reduce this footprint? For my part, by reducing my comings and goings, by taking the train when possible, by eating vegetables from my garden, by having the most ecological home possible. "

On July 17, 2020, around fifteen people including the athletes present in Fréjus founded the association A bottle in the sea, in order to find concrete solutions so that professionals and practitioners of outdoor sports develop a more respectful approach to their environment.